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Being Your Own Forcing Function

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A fascinating thread is becoming evident in many of my discussions with the penalists for the forthcoming Rally events in Denver, LA and NYC. I have de facto become a forcing function for panelists to take a good look at their Agile journey, to think deeper on the experience and to come to grips with difficult lessons. As I am careful not to interject my own thoughts in these pre-panel discussions, my forcing function effect is primarily a Google Calendar invite creating quality time for a vice president and some members of his staff to think aloud on their experience.

Suggestion: No matter how many Agile retrospectives you have already conducted, set a short meeting with your staff to brainstorm on your Agile experience in entirety. The action item from this meeting is creating a 10 minute presentation which summarizes your experience in a way that will be meaningful to other Agilists and executives. Once you got the presentation ready, post it in one public forum or another and solicit feedback.

It might sound naive, but I believe you will be nicely rewarded by being your own forcing function for this kind of reflection. It is that simple.

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March 2, 2009 at 1:19 pm

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