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The June 25 Agile Success Tour Event in Atlanta

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Having finished my prep meetings with panelist in the forthcoming Rally Agile Success Tour day in Atlanta, I anticipate the event will be really rich in content. The panelists will bring up various actionable insights in quite a few Agile/Lean areas. Here is a sample of some of the more intriguing topics that will be highlighted by them in the course of the event:

  • Agile metrics
  • Return on investment considerations
  • Painless cost accounting in Agile
  • The “All In!” rollout strategy
  • Sustaining the Agile momentum over a prolonged period
  • Succeeding with insanely distributed teams
  • Requirement Driven Agile Development (RDAD)
  • ‘Secret sauce’ for large scale Agile initiatives

The dynamic nature of the event will no doubt lead to many additional topics and insights. Much of the content in the recent Rally event in Santa Clara was generated by participants sharing their explorations, experiences and thoughts with one another. It is a very effective way to learn.

The event is characterized by a high concentration of decision makers: 44% of participants will be in the VP/CXO/Owner category; 40% in the Manager/Director category.  It will be meaningful to you whether you are an Agile champion or an Agile decision maker. As a champion, you will get immersed in the issues your executives are wrestling with. As a decision maker, you will acquire deeper appreciation of the operational, financial and business advantages Agile methods enable.

Please introduce yourself to me in Atlanta If you are a reader of this blog. It is a great opportunity to “touch” each other!

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June 20, 2009 at 2:24 pm

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