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Over the weekend we activated the BSM Review. It is a thought leadership website dedicated to next practices in Business Service Management (BSM) in a way that is appropriate for our era. To quote my colleague and friend Bill Keyworth:

This website is dedicated to the BSM dialogue by whoever wishes to participate.  There is no fee to join …no content that requires a subscription …and no censorship of reasonable ideas and questions.

My area of focus in this site is Agile Business Service Management. The term is defined as follows:

Agile Business Service Management (Agile BSM) is the fusion of modern software development methods with the prevailing preference to run IT from the perspective of the business customer. Instead of dividing the “world” to development on the one hand and operations on the other hand, Agile Business Service Management unifies the two to manage them as part of one continuum that improves the delivery and usage of the application to the targeted business end-user. By so doing, it crosses the metaphorical chasm between the R&D lab and the customer door (or laptop, or iPhone, or…)

My research agenda in the context of the BSM Review will be outlined in a forthcoming post. For now, suffice it to say it will primarily be driven by two themes:

  • Business alignment: At the heart of it, BSM is a discipline to better align business with IT; at its core, Agile is about “customer collaboration over contract negotiation.” The two are conceptually similar: they express the strong desire in both development and operations to carry out meaningful tasks that have business impact.
  • Continuous manufacturing: I view IT as a form of continuous manufacturing. If you accept this premise, the application of Agile concepts, principles and techniques to IT management makes perfect sense. Just as Agile has been influenced by Lean techniques from manufacturing, it has the potential now to influences (continuous) manufacturing in its IT incarnation.

If software development is your primary interest, you might find my forthcoming posts in BSM Review go a little beyond the traditional scope of software methods. If, however, you are interested in software delivery in entirety, you are likely to find good synergy between the topics I will address in BSM Review and those I will continue to bring up in The Agile Executive. Either way, I trust my posts and Cote’s will be of on-going interest to you.

7 Responses

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  2. A very interesting idea that touches on a major challenge right now in IT. The big stumbling block, as you say, is going to be IT’s understanding of business priorities, which doesn’t seem to have improved much in the last several years. (At least, that’s what the executives think, when polled on IT’s alignment with business.)

    This might be a golden opportunity for resolving the opposite problem, LOB management’s understanding of IT, too.

    Tom Grant

    October 23, 2009 at 3:01 pm

  3. Thanks for the kind note, Tom. Indeed, a lot of “stuff” to explore here.

    The “triangle” I perceive is as follows:

    1. The business needs to respond to change quicker than ever.
    2. Various traditional IT managenent methods tend to discourage change and slow it down.
    3. Competent Agile dev/test teams are now able to respond much quicker to the changes required by the business. The time gained in dev/test, however, could be completely wasted if IT Service Management fails to become (more) agile.

    Hence, Agile Business Service Management.


    Israel Gat

    October 23, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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