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Scale in London – Part I

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No, this is not (yet) the report from the Rally Agile Success Tour (AST) in London. You will need to wait another week for my report from this forthcoming event. Rather, this post is to advise folks in the greater London area of a an intriguing thread we will be discussing in the Rally event there on Thursday, October 29.

The choice of companies for the event enabled us to offer participants the full spectrum of Agile scaling experiences, all the way to some 1,200 Scrummers on a single product in one case study. As a result, the richness of the forthcoming panel presentations is unprecedented. Time permitting, we will discuss the following subjects, and then some:

  • Three-layer enterprise Agile model
  • How to maintain integrity of a vertical feature when it has to be delivered by many Scrum ‘component’ teams?
  • Bringing multiple teams and multiple SDLCs together on one workflow
  • Cultural differences vis-a-vis Agile between Belgium, England, Finland, Holland, India, Israel, Poland and China.
  • How do you accomplish Fully Distributed Scrum under the cultural diversity indicated in the previous bullet?
  • The use of deep immersion techniques in Agile
  • The Agile with the Masters paradigm
  • How to maintain the push/pull balance?
  • What limit should be placed on the Daily Commit?
  • Emphasis on innovation – not “just” faster, better, etc.
  • Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Agile context
  • How to tie  the Agile initiative to strategic investment considerations?
  • What was the ‘secret sauce’ of BMC’s Agile implementation? How can you apply it in your company/organization?
  • What is likely to be the hottest frontier in Agile during the 2010-2012 period?

One other “ingredient” makes the London event very special. All previous events, gratifying and successful that they were, have been held in the US. The event in London will certainly be different from its US predecessors. In experiences, in interpretations, in points of view, in challenges, in business designs and so on and so forth.

I Look forward to meeting you in London!

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October 22, 2009 at 8:36 pm

Cloud Computing Meet the Iterative Requirements of Agile

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It so happened that a key sentence fell between my editing fingers while publishing Annie Shum‘s splendid post Cloud Computing: Agile Deployment for Agile QA Testing. Here is the corrected paragraph with the missing sentence highlighted:

By providing virtually unlimited computing resources on-demand and without up-front CapEx or long-term commitment, QA/load stress and scalability testing in the Cloud is a good starting point. Especially, the flexibility and on-demand elasticity of the Cloud Computing meet the iterative requirements of Agile on an on-going basis. More than likely it will turn out to be one of the least risky but quick ROI pilot Cloud projects for enterprise IT. Case in point, Franz Inc, opted for the Cloud solution when confronted with the dilemma of either abandoning their critical software product testing plan across dozens of machines and databases or procuring new hardware and software that would have been cost-prohibitive. Staging the stress testing study in Amazon’s S3, Franz completed its mission within a few days. Instead of the $100K capital expense for new hardware as well as additional soft costs (such as IT staff and other maintenance costs), the cost of the Amazon’s Cloud services was under $200 and without the penalty of delays in acquisition and configuration.

Reading the whole post with this sentence in mind makes a big difference… And, it is is a little different from my partner Cote‘s perspective on the subject

My apology for the inconvenience.