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The Mojo of Innovation Games

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This post is a shameless plug for Innovation Games. Shameless that it might be, it is grounded in the hands-on experience I acquired as a participant in Luke Hohmann’s workshop on the subject last week. Colleagues Ken Collier, Alan Shalloway and Michele Sliger took the workshop together with me.

While Innovation Games had been conceived, implemented and published by Luke more than 4 years ago, the contemporary on-line implementation breaks new grounds in three important ways:

  1. It ties in ideation, requirements management and software project management in a seamless fashion. (Stay tuned for exciting announcements on the subject in a couple of months).
  2. It gets over the “too much data” barrier of the paper-based version of the game. Data capture is largely automated now. Data analysis tools are forthcoming.
  3. It gets over the “across the pond” obstacle. You can play Innovation Games to your heart’s content no matter how geographically dispersed your teams might be.

Not bad for three guys and a dog. Actually, I don’t even know whether they can afford a dog. These guys operate on passion, craftsmanship and mojo…

Postscript: If you know Luke, you already know what I mean by “the Luke mojo.” If you don’t, may I suggest you get to know him. A convenient opportunity might be the forthcoming Agile Roots 2010 conference – the organizers are speaking with Luke about delivering a keynote presentation literally as I write this post.

2 Responses

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  1. Israel, I never quite knew how to describe the phenomenon that is Luke Hohmann… ‘Mojo’ rocks it! Thanks! And I agree… Innovation Games are such a fun, but serious, way to help set product direction. I love that the games are about people; added to our quantitative tool sets, Innovation Games give a robust meaning to “what do our customers really want?”

    Stacia Viscardi

    October 21, 2010 at 7:23 am

    • Hi Stacia:

      Thanks for your very kind note. I am sure it will mean the world to Luke.

      Where I differ a tiny bit from you is in my belief that Luke is indescribable… ‘Mojo’ is a good approximation, but there are still so many nuances it does not capture…

      Like you, I am a fan of Innovation Games. My hunch is that they can be and will be applied by Luke to numerous new areas. His transition a year or two ago to on-line games opened the door to numerous applications that go beyond requirements management.




      October 21, 2010 at 12:02 pm

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