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The ‘Secret Sauce’ of The Path to Agility

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Yesterday’s Path to Agility conference in Columbus, OH was characterized by extraordinary energy. To start with, four hundreds participants in a regional conference is quite remarkable. Four hundreds participants with ‘infinite’ amount of energy all day long is quite extraordinary.

What is the ‘secret sauce’? According to Bart Murphy, Vice President of Solutions Delivery at QuickSolutions, the ‘trick’ is concentration of energy that usually gets spread over three or four days of a conference into a single day. A large number of interactions in a short time span create intensity and passion that are contagious. The energy flows from one person to another, from one group of people to another, creating an amplification effect that engulfs all participants.

You really had to be there to fully appreciate how powerful the experience was. You might not live close to Columbus, OH, but you owe to yourself to consider attending The Path to Agility 2011. And, don’t miss it for the world if Bart & Co. decide to apply their secret sauce to an Agile event close to where you live.

Thank you Bart, Jennifer,  Matt and the other organizers and volunteers at COHAA – it has been a unique experience!

Written by israelgat

May 28, 2010 at 8:32 am